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Book now an exclusive tasting of our cavas and cupcakes. Each guest receives 2 cupcakes and 2 glasses of cava, both from the Gold and Pink Collection.


Each guest receives 2 cupcakes, both the Gold and Pink Collection. The more guests there are, the more variety there will be, they will be able to share and try all the flavors with the bubbles.

We begin by serving each guest a glass of our Brut Cava, this golden, dry and crisp cava with delicate bubbles combines with the cupcakes from the Gold Collection (salted caramel, hazelnut and mango, for example). Drink, enjoy, taste and toast with your friends. We have lemonade for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. Then we serve the Rose Cava, this romantic pink Cava has an extravagant fruity flavor and floral nuances reminiscent of a rose garden, which combines perfectly with the Pink Collection (such as our Vanilla Rose, Red Velvet and Choc Strawberry). Each guest receives 2 cupcakes, 1 glass of Brut Cava and 1 glass of Rose Cava (or lemonade).

The price is €18 per person.


We are currently accepting reservations for these options. If you would like a private party email us with the details and we will give you a proposal. For our regular service of Cupcakes & Cava, specialty coffees and frozen drinks we apply a "first come, first serve" policy.

We ask that you arrive on time for your reservation as we cannot guarantee tables for late arrivals. Tables will be reserved for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Reserved tables will not be refunded, but you can collect the items that same night or the next day if you notify us.

No decorations of any kind are allowed in the restaurant, such as balloons, banners or confetti.

Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN
Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN
Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN
Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN
Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN
Experience Cupcakes & Bubbles - SIT IN

Ways to get La Cava Cakery

We make it easy for you to get La Cava Cakery’s best. Order now for same-day delivery anywhere in Barcelona, place an order to pickup at our local shop, or come visit us and enjoy a quiet time with our Cupcakes and Cava.

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    Same-day delivery available anywhere in Barcelona.

  • In Store Pick Up

    Order online and pick up in-store.

  • Come Visit Us

    Just 750 meters away from the Sagrada Familia basilica.


Tempt your senses. The sweet kiss of a cupcake becomes magical when paired with a sparkling sip of our signature Brut Rosé or Brut Cava. The sweetness of the cupcakes balances the natural acidity of the Cava. The flirtatious relationship between this charming couple comes to life when the fine bubbles of a sip of cava mix with a bite of delicious cake and a divine cream cheese frosting. We have carefully paired our gourmet cupcakes with a special Brut Rosé or Brut Cava from our associated winery in the Penedès region (DO) of Catalonia. Each selection is packaged in our signature pink box and can be gift wrapped with a special note. Order a box and experience the magic!


    Try a sip of cava and feel the bubbles on your palate.


    Taste your cupcake and enjoy the contrast of flavors.


    Take one more sip of cava and feel the magic of the combination of the bubbles with the sweetness of the cupcake.