About Us

La Cava Cakery is a family business where every detail is loved!

We're Aisling and Des, an Irish couple who run La Cava Cakery, a family run business where our core values are at the heart of our concept and business.

Finding the perfect match takes research, a lot of trial and error, and timing. La Cava Cakery began in Barcelona in 2016 as a small pop-up store, named Deya’s Cupcakes after my daughter. I had been exploring the idea of a cupcake store for almost two years already and searching for a location, so I saw the pop-up as the start of the business. Life had other plans though. Soon after I started Deya’s Cupcakes, I became pregnant with my second daughter, Sienna Rose. Even as I gratefully answered the joyous call of motherhood (and its long nights), the work of perfecting cupcake magic never stopped. I spent my time as a new mum writing business plans, researching, and travelling to London and New York for tastings and concept work.

I knew my cupcakes had to be different and an idea sparked. People from around the world flock to beautiful Barcelona to celebrate and enjoy a break in this jewel of a city on the Mediterranean. I wanted to capture that joy and I knew Cava, the Catalan sparkling wine, would be the perfect match to our delicious cupcakes. I love the multi-sensory experience of cupcakes and Cava together and decided to bring their special, combined magic to my customers.

When my husband, Des, and I finally found our store with its decorative arches and bright light on the corner of Passeig de Sant Joan and Provença, all of the pieces finally fell into place. In November 2018, Des and I launched La Cava Cakery. We are a family business and a true team effort. Our small, four-person group dedicates itself to sourcing and using only the finest ingredients and putting that special celebratory feeling into every single cupcake. We love seeing our customers smile when they experience the delight of sweet cupcake and sparkling Cava together. Love and attention has been put into designing the flavours, look, and Brut Rosé and Brut Cava pairing of our high quality cupcakes. We also consider a cup of rich coffee a necessary luxury and have carefully sourced only the best Colombian beans to sip with our cupcakes.