Aisling Cava
Aisling is an old Irish name that means a dream or vision in Irish. Aisling is my name, I am the name of the founder of La Cava Cakery, the one who created the pairing concept of Cupcakes and Cava. 2 of my favorite things, cupcakes and Cava!! When we discovered the magic of pairing them together we were blown away. How this pairing combination makes every occasion or gift truly magical!! Being from Ireland I was unaware of how special Cava is, in my quest for our own label Cava, I traveled the Penedes region until we discovered this historic beautiful winery.
Delicious Cava starts with amazing grapes!
✦Aisling cava is made from the best selection of grapes following the
tradition and heritage of a family run 1800 winery
✦ traditional highest qualitymethods.
✦ Vineyards are located in the sunkissed, gorgeous Penedes, sheltered by
the Montserrat mountains.
✦The traditional sparkling wine method ensures the highest quality is
preserved at every step of the process to ensure amazing taste and fine
delicate bubbles in the Aisling Cava